This is the real Hong Kong in action as there is a lot of people– everyone is busy running errands, shopping, or going somewhere. Historically the stores here very traditional as fish and seafood are sold live, fresh vegetables and produce. 
Good to stroll here for a 1st view of all the action in shopping in a typical Hong Kong grocery market.

The name Wanchai (meaning small bay) comes from the fact that the coastline of Wanchai used to be along Queen’s Road East.  If you come into Queen’s Road East through Admiralty, you will find that the road turns inwards.  When it was the coastline of Wanchai, it was just like a small bay.

Wanchai was the home to fishermen at the beginning.  They all clustered around the Sea God “Hung Shing Ye”‘s temple.  In 19th century, a British merchant called Lancelot Dent picked Wanchai to be the base of his business.

Nowadays, as Wanchai is both a commercial and residential distrct, you can get everything from household items to computers and gadgets here and experience the night life at Lockhart Road