HandyCosy Compact Pillow – Your Best Travel Companion

I have a real problem with travel pillows, they always seem like such a good idea to me, I hate that neck pain after falling asleep in a train, plane or automobile! I’ve impulse bought so many at airports all over the world. I’ve bought “Premium” inflatable travel pillows “Premium” memory foam pillows, “Premium” bean bag pillows…I’ve bought them online too…and every time I’m disappointed. Too small, too big, rough edges, too much faffing around, look stupid!

Firstly it packs away really conveniently into a drawstring bag and takes up a small space so that it’s not inconvenient packing into hand luggage, when so often travelling with hand luggage only these days this is hugely important. The second thing I and everyone I’ve shown it to has commented on is how snuggley and soft the material is. As soon as you wrap it round your neck it feels so amazing I can’t help but break into a smile. Then thirdly…it actually does the job! The memory foam filling, once unpacked, is the perfect firmness to be comfortable but still provide support…no more neck ache! We tested it out recently on our 3 and a half hour car journey down to the south coast of the UK and back and it really does work and is incredibly comfortable, just what I’ve been looking for.

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